Although divorce is fairly common, many couples do not know the warning signs that divorce may be in their future. Unfortunately, this means that many couples miss the opportunity to prevent or avoid divorce if that is their wish.

Knowing the signs that divorce is on the horizon helps you and your spouse take informed action if you notice key behaviors in your own marriage. Although prior education will not necessarily prevent divorce from happening, it can have a significant impact on the process.

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Although some marriage setups allow for extramarital relationships, many do not. When a spouse steps outside of the boundaries set for a marriage, it is a breach of trust. Many couples have difficulty repairing trust after an affair or infidelity. This ultimately leads to divorce for some.

Sense of Boredom

Many couples get into a routine that is easy and natural to follow. However, if left unchecked, a routine can lead to boredom in a relationship. These routines can be difficult to get out of, which causes months and years without marital intrigue. If this boredom is never addressed, it is entirely possible for a couple to believe that their marriage is over and seek divorce.

In some cases, boredom is an indication that a couple needs to expand their horizons. In other situations, it is simply indicative of a poor match.

Financial Arguments

Finances are incredibly important in a marriage. If you and your spouse disagree on key financial issues, you will likely have a difficult time navigating your shared expenses and budget. Without the ability to work together financially, many couples are unable to properly share their lives. This leads to divorce in many scenarios.

Political Differences

Although many people believe that politics is an isolated topic, in reality, it permeates every area of society. When two married people have very different political views, it is usually a sign that the marriage will not last. Although they may believe that they can get beyond their differences, most couples cannot deny the fundamental disconnect and file for divorce.

Poor Communication

Communication is key to all relationships, whether they are romantic or not. Some couples never establish a healthy mode of communication, while others become less committed to communication as their relationship progresses. In all circumstances, a lack of communication is a key sign that a marriage is in jeopardy. In fact, many of the other issues that lead to divorce stem from poor communication.

Hasty Marriage

Although age is not an indicator of whether a couple will last or not, their preparation for the union is. If a couple talks at length before becoming engaged or getting married, and shares goals and aspirations, the marriage is likely to succeed. However, if a couple enters into a marriage without a realistic understanding of what it means to be married, it can easily lead to issues. Many of these issues result in divorce, as this fundamental weakness cannot lead to a lasting marriage.

Other Options

If you identify one of these issues in your marriage, it is important to understand that divorce is not your only option. You do have some power to save your relationship if you wish to put in the work and make it last.

Marriage counseling is a key way to navigate many of the above issues. A therapist can help you work through existing issues and resentments. They can also help you develop a reliable method of communication. This can help you navigate other problems that arise later.

Legal separation is not required before divorce in Nebraska, as it is in some states. However, a separation may help you make clear decisions about your marriage. Living apart for a short period of time is helpful for many married couples and can even prevent divorce. This is why many states require a separation period before a couple can get divorced.


Q: What Are the Divorce Requirements in Omaha?

A: Nebraska only requires that one spouse has lived in the state for at least one year to file for divorce. Otherwise, there is no legal separation requirement or circumstance that must be met. This is a relief for many couples, as most states require a period of living apart before a couple can file for divorce.

Q: Do I Need an Omaha Divorce Attorney?

A: If you are seeking a divorce, regardless of where you are from, it is to your benefit to hire an attorney to represent you. Attorney representation helps to protect your interests and give you a more favorable outcome for your claim. It also minimizes the amount of contact that you need to have with your spouse. This is a key benefit for those facing contentious or difficult divorce situations.

Q: Is Mediation Right for My Divorce?

A: If you and your partner are splitting on amicable terms, or feel capable of communicating effectively, mediation may be right for you. Mediation allows you to negotiate the terms of divorce directly with your spouse. This way, you only need one mediating attorney rather than an attorney for each of you. This often speeds up the process and makes it more economical, but mediation is simply not possible for everyone. You must be able to communicate for it to work.

Q: What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

A: An uncontested divorce occurs when one spouse files for divorce with certain terms. The other spouse then accepts, or does not contest, these terms without negotiation. Although this is uncommon, it is the fastest way to get a divorce in Nebraska. In most scenarios, however, the couples must negotiate terms before they come to an agreement that works for both parties.

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